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Angela Avis


Hypnotherapy for Change

This training will start in January 2017. The venue will be in Exeter.

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Module 1

2 day training £175.00

Introduction to Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis

This module is open to everybody who wants to learn about hypnosis and self hypnosis.

Modules 2,3,and 4 are designed for practitioner training enabling participants to use hypnosis in a therapeutic setting.It is an accelerated learning course suitable for applicants with an understanding of the concepts common to therapeutic intervention work such as empathy, reflective practice,listening skills, ethics

You will learn the following by watching demonstrations and taking part in exercises with your course colleagues. Supervision, support and feedback will be given at all stages of your training to create an optimal learning environment.

• an understanding of the functions of the conscious and unconscious mind

• a clear definition of trance state and hypnosis

• how to do hypnotic inductions with others

• how to do self hypnotic inductions

• experience of hypnotic states

• how to conduct hypnotic suggestibility tests

• a clear understanding of why hypnotic skills can enhance your work with clients and manage your own state

This training is a stand alone module for those wishing to learn the basics of hypnosis. For students who want to train as hypnotherapists it is a prerequisite for the NLP applications training and the certified Hypnosis I and Hypnosis II courses. A manual is provided.

Lots of fun while you are in a light, medium or deep trance and much more! An inspiring and transformational weekend.

“Trust your unconscious. It is a very delightful way of living, a very delightful way of accomplishing things”. Milton Erickson.

Module 2
2.5 day professional training £450

NLP Applications

This module is designed to provide you with the intervention skills necessary for effective therapeutic use of hypnosis. You will learn treatment protocol for phobias, anxiety states and PTSD.

• The basis and history of NLP including the importance of Milton Erickson’s influence on NLP practice

• Presuppositions of NLP. Convenient assumptions intrinsic to practising NLP techniques

• Rapport and Representational Systems.

• Eye patterns, body language, matching and mirroring, representational system predicates (visual, auditory, auditory digital, kinaesthetic)

• Submodalities. What they are and how to use them change unhelpful behaviour

• Anchoring. Why anchoring is a powerful tool for change

• Inteventions including VK dissociation technique, Timeline technique

Module 3
2.5 day professional training £450

Hypnosis I Seminar (Intermediate)

This module is based on the work of Milton Erickson and designed as an accelerated learning with the emphasis on practical hypnotic skills. The aim is to enable trainees to become competent both consciously and unconsciously. You will be learning hypnosis as a process rather than reciting set scripts. Supervision, support and feedback will be given at all stages of your training to create an optimal learning environment. You will learn…..

• why hypnosis is therapeutically useful

• the difference between direct and indirect methods of hypnosis

• pacing, leading and utilisation

• components of trance inductions

• conscious mastery of the steps involved in inductions using the U diagram

• introduction to post-hypnotic suggestion - what to do after you have induced a trance!

• Experience of hypnotic phenomena

This module can be taken by students who have completed the basic Introduction to Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis training and the NLP Applications training. A manual will be provided.

Module 4
2.5 day professional training £450

Hypnosis II Seminar (Advanced)

On this interactive module you will deepen your understanding of all the subjects covered in Hypnosis I and learn advanced techniques including the following…..

• inductions using ideomotor signalling

• elicitation and utilisation of complex hypnotic phenomena

• unconscious reviewing

• fractionation

• deep trance identification

On completion of this 4-module course (Introduction to Hypnosis and Self hypnosis, NLP Applications and Hypnosis I and Hypnosis II) you will be awarded with certification (Certified Hypnotherapist IHS) enabling you to practice hypnotherapy as a therapeutic intervention.

The total cost of the course is £1,525 Early booking £1,375

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